Lip scrub


So as its summer , and I have a lot of dry lip issues , I decided to try out a lip scrub , This caught my eye as it is vanilla infused , and smells so yummy, purchased it at , they are based in Singapore and deliver to the UAE.

They have 2 choices to chose from peppermint and vanilla bean , I always thought that lip scrubs were an unnecessary Beauty step but out of sheer curiosity, This product is so yummy. It’s sugary goodness for the lips and in a single use I noticed my lips to be plumper and smoother! And I should add that I could not resist licking the product abit from my lips as its so sweet:) people do claim that lip scrubs can be made at home with home ingredients but if you don’t really care for that, then get this. The cute packaging is another plus. A nice gift to yourself or a fellow beauty junkie:)

Price in AED : 91.25


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