Revealed- My Top Online Shopping Sites

Hi Lovelies.

Sorry for not posting up anything this whole month, as I just had my baby boy and my hands all full, now that we are settled in thought I’d fill you’ll in with my posts.
Hope you all are in the festive mood as Holidays are just around the corner 🙂
Well Happiness for me is shopping from the comfort of my home and the best way is with online shopping.
Im into online shopping alot and Ive come up with my Fav online shopping sites worldwide

Well I have lived in their maternity clothes my whole pregnancy, and I have to say this is my number 1 site when it comes to
shopping online. Its a US based site, that I came across. They have alot of options from clothes , shoes , bags , accessories ,watches and I even
buy my makeup online from them as they have a crazy sale mostly on the weekends. The only drawback is they deliver in 10- 14 days
which is still not bad as there are no shipping charges. . You can download an APP from the Store

This one is from the US as well,an upscale fashion retailer with designer products. I have shopped beauty products
from here and is definitely worth the prices, as in the UAE we have alot of retail stores with the same products but over priced.
I only found that their shipping charges are quite high and almost double up with each new item added. So i just buy a few beauty steals from here.

I came across this site tru another blogger and have done some shopping from them, They have almost all brands and as the name says it all they have a wide variety of perfumes too. The best part is another website with free shipping 🙂
This site is Australian based, I must admit it is a bit overpriced , and usually shop tru their sale. The last time I remember I shopped from them as they had emailed me a 30% off voucher for my birthday, and there was a sale going on , I got my Givenchy foundation from them and it was only AED 170 whereas in UAE at Sephora its priced at AED 290, just amazing right?

I have recently shopped from here and they have all brands of make up , designer clothes , accessories and bags and is based in the UK
They have a flat shipping fee of approx AED 140 + and deduct all UK VAT taxes at checkout, So I ended up saving 75% on the shipping fees.
Definitely recommend this site to beauty lovers.

I have a few online favorites in the UAE as well , However I wanted to write my experience on where I actually end up saving
on beauty products, I specially love the beauty gifts section on each of these websites as they have a wide variety and is
a smart buy for me. I have never faced any issues with their delivery to me and everything in the boxes has always been intact. Talk about beauty and make up shopping in the UAE, it is expensive and who doesnt love to save up on those extra bucks.

Do let me know what you’ll think about this or any new websites that you know off.

Till then stay beautiful x.


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