Make up Bag Essentials

image.jpegHi Lovelies,

Its been over a month I know , Thank you for your support and follows
Today I bring to you something that I loved carrying around  in my make up bag.  I usually end up carrying everything or very minimal items. So here are some everyday essentials every lady should have in their bag.


I know atleast I  would want all of my lipsticks in my bag , I love lipsticks and when it comes to this , I always have a variety of them in my bag that I love to mix and match and  can use as a cheek stain as well. You can always blend a little bit of product in those cheeks to give it a fresh look. I have alot of favorites wth lipsticks , MAC, Bourjois , Gerard cosmetics and Make up forever.

Investing in a good foundation is everything , so do keep in mind to chose a good one, that is great for touchups, I carry my foundation ocassionally with me so I can quickly re fix if anything were to go wrong. Foundation favourite is definitely Givenchy radically no surgeries .

I know you would think why the mascara, but ever thought of a sudden meeting or date right after work ? Adding it to your look will make your lashes stand out and give you that amazing look and makes me feel confident too. My all time mascara is the Bourjois volume clubbing ultra black one.

Now this can be really handy specially if Ive left my foundation at home , or if Ive had a pimple burst outta no where. So Im never leaving this one behind, I have been using the MAC concealer since ages now and can never switch this product.


So this is what I usually carry , I dont like my makeup bag too bulky. Stay lovely until next time x



2 thoughts on “Make up Bag Essentials

    • mrsbalani says:

      Hi Lauren , this givenchy foundation is the most amazing purchase , I’ve been using it since last year (of course restocking ) and I can’t seem to adjust to other foundations, it’s a matte finish and you don’t even need a concealer


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