Colourpop Haul

Hi lovelies .

Hope all of you are doing lovely .

I know I’ve been off the blog for sometime now . I can say I’m cleary just enjoying being a new mom . It can be stressful and overwhelming at the same time , but so far so good . That doesn’t really stop me from buying makeup, trust me I have so many reviews left and they will keep coming your way. So I was eyeing Colourpop cosmetics since a very long time. Let’s just say I kept delaying it, as the brand has not really reached the UAE. Of course we have other sellers on Instagram selling this but I wasn’t too keen on that margining the price differences . So I decided to do my very own haul and it was so easy and not expensive at all . (Colour pop doesn’t ship direct to the UAE )

I went into their collections and picked up the Blitzed shadow pots . It was on sale and I picked it up for US$ 25 . The shades in this collection are

Valley Girl- soft vanilla with tons of gold highlights in a Pearlized finish
That Girl- charcoal grey drizzled with lots of silver and gold glitter in metallic finish
Party Girl- soft dusty pink in a Matte finish
Thirsty Girl- warm bronze drenched with gold glitter in Metallic finish
Roller Girl- true black topped with rainbow glitter in a Metallic finish
Fan Girl- cool toned violet grey in a Pearlized finish .

I haven’t done a swatch yet but I have posted up a picture so you can see how pretty this is. And what’s more amazing is I got 6 shadow pots . To begin with Party girl is already my favorite . It is smooth , creamy and matte and good for everyday finish to the crease. Overall colour pop is cruelty free and I absolutely love these shades and have nothing to complain about. image.png

The next thing I picked up was also a collection called Vixen, also priced at US$ 25. This was all their lippie stix that included 6 shades in :

Last Call- Soft cool toned mauve pink in a Crème finish
Night Owl- Vivid cool toned hot pink in Crème finish
Jingle- true blue red in a Matte finish
Plastics- deep red violet in Matte finish
54- Red wine burgundy sprinkled with red and hot pink glitter in a Pearlized finish
Ruffle- mid toned warm terracotta in a Matte finish

I loved all the shades and since I’m a die hard matte fan I was happy that it included 3 in matte and that too colors that suited my skin complexion . The rest 3 I will just give out as gifts or in my giveaway (being generous) image.png

And last I decided to add the matte lip in the shade bad habit to my cart  , and it made me think why dint I just add few more shades of the matte lip colours . Their ingredients and pigment is so good , that no matter what I ate or drank tru the night , I did not need a touch up , I will definitely be going in for more colour pop soon . Priced at US$6 per shade. image.png

Also not to forget the packaging for this was something I haven’t seen before . A box pack with a small mirror attached to it, like a mini vanity , kudos to that packaging I must say.

Have you tried any colour pop products ?? Do let me know in the comments below if there are any shades that I need to own ( lovestruck) Till then stay lovely x


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