Lovely dining @Mayrigdubai


Hey lovelies I’m sorry I’ve been away from the blog for awhile . It’s like how you say tomorrow and tomorrow never comes . But I have a lot of posts on my insta blog as they call it so I have been doing a lot of exciting things and reviews.

I just had to write about my amazing dining experience at Mayrig Dubai Downtown .
With Armenien roots , it borrows from Lebanese and other Mediterranean influences with dining perfection.

We were welcomed into the place with great pleasure,  and served with a pre set menu which of course I loved as I would have no clue how to go on ordering.

For the starters we were served with Lentil and Potato Kebbe , along with wide range of salads Itch (Armenien Tabouleh) , Zeitoun (Olive), Sempougov (Eggplant) , Vospi (Lentil) and Haigagan (Armenien Salad) , As I stuffed myself I was admiring the lovely interiors of this place giving it a homely feel.


After this we were served Soubeuereg, which is layered pastry loaded with three cheeses , This dish was just slurp , after all who doesn’t love Cheese 😊.

For the main course we tried out the Fishnah Kebab which is grilled kebab topped with wild sour cherries which was so delish and the flavours to the meat were perfect.
We tried Mante , an interesting dish with tomato sauce and yoghurt that was mixed into the dish by the staff ! This was my favorite 😍.


I was blown away with the dessert as it got back some childhood memories of cotton candy mixed with Vanilla Icecream and pistachio , as well as cheese filled dumplings with Jam on the side .


Overall I loved my experience and the interiors of the place and I will be back for more. Highly recommend them as their staff are well trained and are always helpful to explain anything you need to know about their menu and the dish ! Thank you Mayrig for having me and my family over and for the great hospitality .



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