Hair Favorites Aug 16

Hi Lovelies

Im back with yet another post and this time on my favorite pre- post shower hair favorites that I have been using in August.

I like when I have good hair days. I have recently done my hair BOTOX treatment and would love to take more care of it so that the effect remains for atleast 6 months before i do a touch up again or maybe not need one for sometime (haha)

I would love to begin with the Garnier Ultra Doux Avocado Oil and Shea butter Nourishing conditioner , I was just passing by the store doing my normal errands and I stopped by this and thought why not give it a try . Avocado when applied alone to the hair as a mask makes the hair shiny and ofcourse the combination with Shea butter had me thinking about the wonders it would do to with my hair.

All I have to say is a small amount of this can be put onto your hair before or after your shower  or even to style your hair while blow dry. It does the job and keeps my hair shiny either ways.

On days where I have extra time I love to put in on  like a mask before taking a shower and letting it sink into the roots and ends of my hair, and then shampoo it. This leaves my hair super smooth and easy to maintain with a nice fruity smell.

I would definitely recommend this and give it a 4/5 .



The other product I have been using for a while now is the Mark hill Argan oil, Who doesnt love shiny hair ? We all do !!

I use this oil after my shower on damp hair and it immediately makes my hair super soft , fights frizz and makes my hair more manageable. The smell is okay kind of fruity ,  nothing to go crazy about but my hair speaks for itself ,  I think its a must for all dry – frizzy hair problems and its so tiny that travelling with it can be so easy.

Any other hair recommendations from you lovelies?





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