Fine dining at Jodhpur

Hi lovelies,

Back with a review 🙂

On my 4 year anniversary, Jodhpur hosted us for a dinner date at their amazing luxurious fine dining ,  located at Murooj Rotana , Downtown Dubai .

When you set your foot in , you will feel Royal , from the interiors to the furniture everything makes you feel like so wow .

We were greeted by chef Pradeep Khullar
who bagged  the “Top Chef of the Year Award for Excellence in North Indian cuisine’ . He made sure he made note of whether we ate seafood / mutton / beef , and took us tru the whole fusion of dishes that would be arriving shortly .

To start off with we were given some Pre starters Jeera Khari with herb yoghurt which is an Indian puff, derdged with caraway seeds & served with herb youghurt topped with Pink peppercorns. It took me back to childhood pastry memories. Look how cutely presented everything is 🙂



Our next surprise was the Macaron Chat , I dint want to eat this simply cause it looked so cute . This was one of a kind Macaron, I felt a blast in my mouth as it was stuffed with tangy filling , chatpata , it’s tiny but you will be amazed to crunch and chew it with different flavors. image

We then moved on to starters  where we were served with Beef Short Ribs, Aam Papad Glaze- I wasn’t very sure if I enjoyed this much as I’m not a beef lover , but the beef was cooked to Perfection .image

Achari Jinga- Now if only I could have eaten Achari Jinga for the rest of the evening . A seafood lover , I love experiencing new recipes, this dish was Pan grilled tiger fish marinated in lemon pickle marinade and served with beetroot carpaccio. Me and my other half were looking at each other with Mmm .


Moving on the last starter Laban and Ricotta Kabab – Crispy fried melange of Hung Curd & Ricotta, coated with Rose Ash. Served cold from the centre to allow a contrast in the dish. But hey I love my Kabab hot from the inside , was not something that suited my tastebuds , well maybe I was soo blown away with the Jhinga.



I was so full by the end of the starters , maybe cause I have a small appetite . And it was time for the main course we had a small surprise in between called the Palate cleanser . A sorbet  to clean your palate so that you get ready for main course. Served in toy pressure cooker made with Fresh Alphonso puree spiked with kaffir lime leaves & de-hydrated cranberries. I loved the idea of this.


For main course we were served with a variety of dishes

Lamb Keema ‘pygmy’ Pao – I loved every bit of this . Spicy lamb mince topped with paper thin radishes and Garam masala butter that is served with miniature Paos . (Indian bread). I generally love Kheema , but this was one was just exploding with alot of yumminess, that I wished I could eat it every other day (haha)


We also enjoyed some Dal Makhni , that was too good , Moong dal was replaced with Black Urad dal , so you wont feel bloated after this meal in the evening.

Next up was some Jodhpuri Kadhi, this was loved by the hubby , it was a quinoa coated crispy fried Khandavi stuffed with Spinach , served with a Khadi.

We were served some Kulcha , which is an Indian roti (stuffed) with cottage cheese, onions, chiles and cumin seeds cooked in tandoor . This was yumm.


Lastly since it was our anniversary we were in for a sparkler surprise 🙂

For desert we had Rasmalai , an Indian sweet dish , served on bed of saffron flavoured milk, topped with milk foam and pistachios. This went down in 2 gobbles.

Next was the Saffron Jalebi , which were criso miniature jalebis accompanied with Mascarpone Rabdi, dredged with Golden Dust.


We had an amazing evening as our little one went to sleep right after we finished with the starters , So we did have some quite time to ourselves, tasting and chats together 🙂

Its a must to visit Jodhpur for family outings or to take your family/ friends visiting Dubai, you will simply love the ambiance and the people around , taking you tru each dish and explaining the ingredients of each.

Follow them on Insta @jodhpuroyaldining to fall in love with food , food and lots of food .




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