Charlotte Tilbury – Instant Magic Facial Dry mask ! Is it worth a try??

So ever since Charlotte Tilbury hit the UAE market last year , her products have been a hit and everyone’s been talking about her lineage of products especially skincare .

I decided to be safe and start with the least expensive item from her skincare and tried the Dry mask . Well the product claims to give expert facialist results in just 15 mins while hydrating, lifting , reducing wrinkles, smoothening and brightening and to top it all be used upto x 3 times .

The first time I tried it I dint pay much attention to my skin , but after 15 mins felt my skin brighter . To start off with I love the packaging , love the seal to keep the mask back in and fresh. I love how dry it is , don’t have to worry about a runny liquid mask falling off your face . Once put on it stays intact. You also need to make sure you have a clean face before starting off.

4 days later here I am trying the mask again , I couldn’t see what the product claimed to do . I even gently massaged it over with my finger tips just to rub it in, but dint seem to help. This time around I had a few red patches over my skin and again it looked brighter , but there wasn’t any immediate big difference in my skin.

Will I try it for the 3rd time ? I don’t think so . 15 mins of mask time won’t do absolute good to you unless you have a fixed night time routine. Stay tuned as I try out La Mer products over the next few weeks and come back with a skincare post.


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