Pregnancy Must Haves


Hello lovelies !!

As exciting as it sounds, being pregnant changes a lot of things in your day to day life. Starting with being fatigue, morning sickness to seeing your body change. It is very important to not ignore these changes.

Well since I was mostly glued to my bed in the first three months, due to morning sickness (all tru out the day) , I did not give much notice to changes in my body, I noticed fine white lines , of course stretch marks on my back, however not giving much attention, as I began to think that it is a natural process and you can’t really do much about stretch marks and they are bound to happen . Until I was recommended by my sister about this product used by most of her colleagues – Mio by Mama Mio, that I reluctantly got keeping in mind the price for each bottle as they are quite expensive.

They have a wide range of products, all catering to different aspects of maternity and post natal care. I got my hands on the Tummy Rub Oil and Butter to start with.

So to start with I started using them in combination as recommended. The results were just wow and I couldn’t believe it, After literally a week of usage , my lines disappeared and I can happily say it has kept me mark free until now (32 weeks) .

What I loved :

Soothing , smells delicious , and all of their products are free from parabens, petroleum, sodium laurel and Laureth sulphate as stated.

The best thing about the butter , is that it’s much easier and less messier to apply than any oils, no worry about staining your clothes

The oil can also be used by itself against dry skin on arms/ legs and other areas, immediately gives a healthy glow

Irrespective of the price the most important thing of these products are it really does work and not just a money making scam.

I use them in combination every night and it has prevented any new stretch marks

Their products are available at all Maternity Destination outlets . Ranged between AED 180- 220 each bottle .


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