Eyelash Primers – it’s all about that base !!


Hello lovelies !

I have always wanted long luscious eyelashes without the hassle of falsies and extensions. While I thought this was an unnecessary product, I was wrong.

Eyelash Primers are designed to make your lashes look thicker and longer . It is usually white in most cases , and is used before applying a coat of your mascara . I picked up a set of Lancôme Hypnose drama on Nordstorm.com and got 3 mini mascaras, 1 eyeliner and the lash primer called Cils booster XL , and that’s how I discovered what a primer can actually do.

I have very thin, scanty eyelashes that never stood out no matter what mascara I used, but this was worth a try and I will be heading to the stores to buy a full size soon, it’s a highly recommended product that will change your lash game forever. It also separates your lashes from being clumpy. I’ve paired it with other brands of mascara and also with the Lancôme minis that I got in this kit. It makes a drastic difference in my lashes. My favorite mascara to pair this up is Lancôme Hypnose Drama.

How to apply:

Apply the primer on your lashes, one side , wait for 30 secs and apply a layer of your mascara. Then repeat on the other eye , and wow you will see how amazing the results are.

So why apply falsies everyday when you can get easy fixture on those lashes ??


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