Benefit Kit – Mascara , Eyeliner and Remover


Hello Lovelies !

Well as you can see , This post will be about benefit . As this product was hyped about all around town , I finally did some research and decided to buy this kit as I got to try 3 things in it , the benefit they’re real mascara , the push up liner and the remover , that a friend of mine got from the U.S. from Sephora.

So here’s what I got to say

What I liked : Well who doesn’t like thicker and longer lashes ?? The mascara does add a great amount of length and volume to your natural lashes and doesn’t clump . The wand is different from other brushes and the bristles are firmer . It makes a huge difference as it catches every lash . This product has  coverage and if you need more volume you need to make sure you put on two to three coats before your lashes dry. The first time I put it on I was feeling very positive about it.

The push up liner is all so too hyped on about and I was extremely excited to use it so I could have the perfect winged effect however It is not user friendly at all and extremely messy. Who would want an eyeliner that is messy from the get go and very hard to use? Overhyped marketing and packaging!

What I dint like??

Well I’ve tried a lot of drugstore mascaras and high quality brands too, but this has given me the hardest time coming out or getting cleaned at the end of the day. Now you must be thinking hey you have a remover with it . Let me tell you that the remover is of little use to removing the product off my eyes completely. It leaves it with under eye mascara bags and I have to go thru the extra effort of cleansing my eyes 2-3 times before the product comes out .So I’ve decided that I will be using these products only occassionaly as I wasnt impressed by extra time needed to get it off.


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