DIY – Make up wipes


Hello Lovelies

Hope yall had an amazing week . I would love to share with y’all something very interesting . Well we’ve all heard about a little Diy with Johnson baby products. So I created my own makeup wipes , yes you heard it right. This can come in very handy incase you run out of drugstore makeup wipes , and it’s so easy to make and it works like a miracle.

So here’s what you’ll need

Cotton Pads

Johnson baby oil 1/4 tbsp

Johnson baby shampoo 2 tbsp

Mason Jar or any container that you have to store it

Water 1/2 glass

So I started with mixing the items in the mason jar and soaked my cotton pads in them all together until the water was absorbed , and voila that was it .  I have been using this for a while and I feel this is amazing, why spend extra bucks on a makeup remover when you can literally Diy? Also this is so much less harsh on your skin , my skin felt smoother after few uses

Its so convenient to use , just pop it out and use it, I can swear by all my makeup coming off clear and no bits left behind , even my mascara came out to the last bit and my face smells like a baby.

Do let me know your views on what you think of this and feel free to share anything I could have done differently here.

Goodnight lovelies x


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