Lush hand cream favorites

image          Hi lovelies

I can’t tell you all how much I love lush products, it takes me to a whole new level of feeling fresh and energized .

Since winter is around the corner I’ve been trying these two hand creams. hand creams are a must for keeping those hands smooth. I mean think of all the things your hands go tru on a daily basis , basically everything that you do requires your hands. We tend to spend a lot of money on beauty essentials but hands come down to our least priorities.

So I’ve been trying these two hand creams from Lush , let me start with the love and light hand cream, this softening neroli, Brazilian orange and fairly traded cocoa butter will leave your hands moistured and smooth , it has a very light feel to the hands and doesn’t leave a lot of residue, I usually like applying this in the morning, to leave those hands moist. It is a mood lifter for sure as described by lush.

Moving on the Helping Hands hand cream , it is a nurturing almond , cocoa butter and chamomile hand cream. My husband actually got this as he was having a very dry phase with his hands , it seemed to help a bit ,the sales assistant assured us that the cream would fix his dried out scaly spots & distressed hands.
The cream doesn’t feel overly special when applying it. If you put too little your hands don’t feel like they’ve been touched by moisturizer and if you apply too much you end up all greasy . I usually like to apply this during the night. It doesn’t have a very strong smell , the smell is just very normal and mostly chamomile which has a very soothing effect. I won’t be getting another pot of this , would definitely try out some other hand creams in the future.

Till then keep those hands moisturized and stay lovely . Xx


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