Nip+ Fab – Skin care routine


Hello lovelies ,

Hope y’all are keeping the Monday blues away. Well today I’m going to write about my skin care routine since 2 weeks now.

As we know skin care can keep your skin healthy and glowing for years to come, I finally decided to try the Nib + Fab that came to the UAE in September.

Well cleansing itself is an important part of skin care routine. For your moisturizer to work you will have to have a cleansed clean face. So let me start with the Nip +Fab deep cleansing fix that is a cleansing cream with uplifting eucalyptus fragrance , and is a multipurpose moisturizing cream which melts away make up and deeply cleanses pores for a clear fresh complexion. It contains sweet almond oil that nourishes and smoothes plus tea tree oil that cleanses pores. The product comes in a tub container and is easy to scoop out . I massaged it into my dry skin and rubbed it all over before washing it off with warm water . The back draw to this product was it couldn’t take off my mascara properly , only had to repeat it a few times , so I decided it’s best to get my eye make up off before getting this onto my face. It has different uses , you can layer it on your face as a mask for 10 mins or leave a thin layer overnight . I have used it as a mask and my skin has gotten softer and in better condition with my blemishes slightly improved . I used it in combination with the glycolic scrub fix from Nip +Fab of course .

The Glycolic scrub fix is an exfoliant and is used to exfoliate your skin with a 3 in 1 micro exfoliant with glycolic + a alicyclics acids to refine , brighten and renew your skin. It comes in a tube packaging and a little amount is enough to run over your face and exfoliate it. I massage it onto damp skin avoiding the eye contour area (as mentioned). I don’t exfoliate daily , and use this only twice a week and it did an absolutely wonderful job at giving my skin a polished feel. Blackhead reduction on my nose was very visible and skin was left feeling smooth and soft .

I picked this up from Asos , as a bundle offer. The same is also available online in the UAE at


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