My No 7 review

imageHi lovelies

Hello again. It was a rainy morning this side however I slept it off and woke up to wet roads and muddy puddles.

Today I shall be writing on my No 7 haul. Well I was at Boots a few weeks back, to be more precise around 4-5 weeks back and I was doing a bit of drugstore makeup shopping, when the offer came my way. They had a 1 plus 1 at the No7 range and since I had some free time decided to give it a look. The sales lady pitched me  the Lift and Luminate series starting from the eye cream , the day and night serum as well as the day cream.

So I was trying to make up my mind on what I really wanted out of it, Since my pregnancy I have been really conscious about my skin and its appearance, and was reluctant to try any beauty products on it other than a face wash or a moisturizer but yet I decided to give their range a try.

So this is what the product reads

Lift & Luminate Day & Night serum by Boots No7 provides triple action to help: reduce the appearance of wrinkles, visibly lift, even skin tone. Clinically proven to help diminish the appearance of age spots. Lift & Luminate Day & Night serum targets the appearance of 3 key signs of visible aging.

  1. Wrinkles
  2. Lack of firmness
  3. Uneven skin tone

So writing my thoughts on this , It is smooth , lightweight and gives a luxurious feel to my skin along with keeping it hydrated. With Daily use it, you will see a change in your fine lines, deep wrinkles and dark spots. Noticeable change around smile lines and lines above the upper lip. I don’t feel like applying any makeup to my face after applying this product, I feel the day cream is a bit too thick for under makeup so when I have to go out I just apply makeup after the serum is on.

The eye cream  helps in reducing fine lines and tiny wrinkles under the eye.

The tubes are quite small around 15ml , so it tends to get over quite soon. Its almost over and I’m sad, squeezing out the little left of it. I don’t remember the price of the products either.

So overall the Lift Luminate range is a must have , couldn’t be more happier with my skin care routine. If I were to pick a favorite it would be my night serum as I love how it makes me feels going to sleep with something working on my skin, Also it is baby blue in colour which happens to be my to go colour.


Also till then stay hydrated , drink a lot of water as it helps with the nourishment of your skin. xx





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