Sephora beauty buys

Hey lovelies

Down with the flu yet back again with a new beauty post.

Ive recently been using a lot of Made in Sephora beauty products and I have been thinking why haven’t I used as many before and was always into the brands they have under them. But better late than never right ??


Above are a few products I have been trying from Sephora range of beauty in the whole of April. Let me start with my favorite bronzer the sun disk limited edition, that smells so divine and makes my contour look so fine and sharp looking. It also suited my tan skin tone so I was surprised as it did look a bit lighter when I first set my eyes on it . Ever since I’ve used this my hands can’t begin to go to other bronzers or contour palettes. I think this one is a must have if it’s still in stores.

I’ve not had very good experiences with mascaras recently as they all tend to dry up within 15-20 days of using , However this wasn’t the case with the Sephora cinemascopic mascara . I love how the bristles are , giving you a smooth application and making sure your seperating the lashes . Honestly loved this one and it’s been more than a month that it has lasted me.

Next Im on to is my one and only favorite liquid lip stain from Sephora . It’s such a gorgeous shade I’ve got asked more than 50 times by different people what I have on. It’s a lovely mauve rose lip stain that is long lasting and doesn’t dry my lips and doesn’t transfer easily. They have launched a couple of new shades a few months back which I still have to head on to the store and discover , I’m more of an online junkie I guess that’s how we all are given the time and age .

Now there’s 3 products in there that have the same packaging and these are recently launched too , they are from the beauty amplifier range from Sephora and really help up your makeup game. A lid and liquid liner is something I’ve never used before , but after using it I do find a difference in the application of my eyeshadow , again a smoother application. They also have a perfecting glow primer which has a nice glowy white liquid that suits all skin tones , a few of my followers thought that is used only on lighter tones , but that’s not right. I love mixing a bit of it along with my foundation to blend in well but it’s really upto you , either ways it does a good job as a primer base. Last we have the set and refresh spray and the last step in most makeup applications. I won’t say I’m a fan of the smell , but love how it sets my makeup in place no matter how sunny it can get through  out the day . You can also use it to refresh your makeup in between.


Hope you enjoyed reading . That’s all for today my lovelies. Do let me know if there is  any thing else that you would like me to include in my blog posts . Have a lovely Sunday x





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