Hey my loves .


Hope you all are having a fab start into the first 4 months of the new year.

I would like to share with you in the coming weeks some amazing beauty finds that I can’t live without.

We all know the infamous beautyblender and how convenient it is . To start with you need to wet your blender and when it is damp enough you can start blending in that foundation. I recently also discovered baking ,contouring and highlighting my facial features with this tool. Super easy to use.

Now I’ve been using the beauty blender cleanser  in the past and have also recently started using the beauty blender solid cleanser . We all know how much of a great deal it is to clean brushes . I conveniently use both the tools to clean them. I soak my brushes and blender in a small mug , with the beauty blender cleansing gel , and leave it for 10 mins or so and come back and wash each brush individually with my sigma beauty brush cleansing mat & beauty blender solid cleanser , this way I make sure my brushes are completely free of any previous makeup residues. If you follow me on Instagram you can see how much of a fan I am and use them in my makeup videos more often to give my makeup a complete air brush finish look.

Beauty blender and it’s tools are conveniently found at Sephora Middle East stores in the UAE .


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