Why you must try this concealer ?

Ever wondered what makes a concealer really good ? So I have ofcourse tried many concealers every since I started blogging . I kept going on from MAC to Too faced and some other drug store brands until I decided to try the Nars Radiant concealer . At first the price tag dint make any sense to me , It’s AED 165 in Sephora (approx USD 44) . If you live in UAE you already know you pay more than what people in other parts of the world pay . So I got myself a shade in Ginger online hoping it would match . All this while I was picking up the wrong shade of concealer , it was either too dark or light , this was just perfect , it was just two shades lighter and that’s when I thought why was I picking 3 shades lighter and why dint anyone tell me . I guess somethings are learnt over time.

So thoughts on this concealer

1. It doesn’t crease at all not even a bit .

2. Good coverage around the eyes with light diffusing technology doesn’t reveal those fine lines around the eyes and evens out the skin tone .

3. The product lasts me a month and a half (I use it everyday to work ) . I’ve also used it alone without my foundation and it’s worked very well with giving me that radiant looking skin .

Will I purchase this again ? Yes ofcourse.


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