Two- step Night routine only ?

So as a beauty blogger taking care of my skin is as equal as layering up primer, foundation , concealer , blusher and the list goes on.

I was really looking for a good night time skincare regime when I got introduced to Glamglow . They have a wide range of masks and the catchy colours of the those pots would make you buy all of them . I will definitely agree that they are pricey , but investing in good products for your skin is a must. I started off using the Dreamduo overnight transforming treatment that smells so good . It makes me feel like I’m adding a bubble gum mix to my face .

It has two sections and is a two step treatment . The first one is a pearly colour called DREAMSERUM which comes with anti aging anti oxidants and you let it wait for a minute and then apply the DREAMSEAL which is grey in colour that helps promote plump skin .

I remember looking at my face the next morning and wondered how can my skin be so flawless and transform overnight with just two steps? I used to be that girl who would do some layering to my skin before hitting the bed , but I’m glad I trusted this product at first as I’m very difficult on trying new skin care brands.

So what did does this do ??

It does everything it says in its description from moisturizing the skin , hydrating it and plumping it over night for a soft and supple skin . There’s no mess involved in this overnight mask and there’s absolutely no oily skin that you wake up to.

After I got done with one pot , I bought another , got done with that and now am on my third pot . It was initially priced at AED320 and now been brought down to AED 252 on the website.

Totally recommend using it every night as what’s better than leaving a mask overnight with no hassle of getting dried or making a mess and knowing it does wonders overnight .

Bonus :

Their products are also formulated without parabens , sulfates and phthalates .


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