Glamglow super mud clearing treatment ? Yay or Nay?

So lovelies , Recently I have been trying and using a lot of various products for my skin and trying to get into a regime of masking with different brands and products each week.

My skin type is usually combination and sensitive ( a lil bit of dry and oily ) that being said I get oily in my tzone . So I have been using the Glamglow supermud since a few months now and the mask has a very fresh minty smell to it , also being charcoal black in colour. I prefer using it for my tzone where all the oil settles and large pores can be seen . I have done a full face mask but I feel it dries off my skin , but I would say give it a try as it may just work the best for you . Whenever I have this magical zit, which I usually don’t get a lot , I apply this mask as a spot treatment and the next morning it is completely flat with not a trace of it .

What it does ?

It magically excretes all the oil around the Tzone area and shrinks in the pores in one application only with activated X charcoal, leaving the skin brightened and healthy looking ,while also getting rid of black heads or white heads .

Also the mask is super easy to use and dries off within 10 mins and then your good to wash off your face , don’t leave it on for too long , it can make your face dry . I recommend using it twice a week for that new revived feel . Also this may completely sound weird but I also use this mask on my arms as I do get ingrown hair at times from waxing . It gets rid of those small tiny bumps and leaves my skin soft .

So this product definitely was a Yay for me from @glamglow and I will definitely e repurchasing once I’m done with my pot .

The product retails at AED 294 and at times you can get smaller pots at the Sephora in store checkout.


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