Pixi beauty favorites

Hi lovelies .

I know it’s been a while. So this time I’m hear to share my experience about Pixi beauty . I have tried a few products from the brand that they have sent across to me .

As we know prepping the skin is something we should all be doing before makeup , I tend to switch between a lot of products until I was sent the Pixi Rose flash balm that just takes your skin to a whole new level .

It lifts up fatigue looking skin and transforms it into radiant moisturized brightened skin. Super quick absorbing leaving no oil residue behind .

You can use this in the morning or evening or even as a thick layered mask over your face and neck for 5 mins . I usually use it as a primer base to my skin before makeup . The smell itself is so refreshing as the name says it’s all ‘Rose’.

Do let me know if you have any pixi favorites that I can try too 😊


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