New look Oval Brush set

img_7878Hey lovelies

Hope Monday is treating you right . I want to try to post everyday, I mean it’s good to share all that beauty knowledge with your followers.

So as usual browsing through Asos is always my most favourite next to Nordstrom. As I was looking at all things beauty and makeup , this oval brush set from new look caught my attention. At only 14.99 GBP I couldn’t resist them .

Oval brushes are slowly taking over the beauty industry and are catching everyone’s eye. All beautybloggers have a video or two on similar shapes of brushes and my very first oval brushes are from Gosh Cosmetics and now these are the second I own .

Pro Brush Set is packed with high-quality stylish oval shape brushes to help you create the perfect look. With 4 different sized brushes to choose from you can achieve any look you want. The set includes foundation/powder brush, blush/bronzer brush, contour brush and a concealer brush.The soft synthetic bristles, hold just the right amount of product for prefect application. Featuring stylish  handles with a soft touch finish make them even more convenient to hold and easy to use. Also provides a  flawless coverage and is super easy to blend into your face . Been loving these lately and can’t wait to feature them in my latest upcoming videos , I’m sorry I’ve been a bit out of time these days.

Currently these brushes are out of stock on Asos as well as the New look website , but don’t be disappointed I’m sure they will have more brush sets like these and I hope they hit the UAE real soon .

Till then stay Beautiful lovelies xx


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